Good With Numbers

Hear I’m standing in the middle of the street
Waiting for a miracle
Thinking how I had a dream
And I was the best student of my world
And when my teacher used to tell me boy
You goanna a have great future
I think she was wrong

Now that feeling that I’d be someone
Has abandon me for real
Leaving me in a place
Where the dignity of a man can be so fragile
Is not like I don’t try
Or I don’t have a positive attitude
It’s just too hard for me

Hey you there with the red Ferrari
Only two questions for you
Tell me what is that that you do
And how do you do it
‘Cause I’m feeling so out of luck
I could try anything
I used to be good with numbers

Now I’m here laid on the ground
Trying to feel the city beat heart
To see if I can understand
Where all these people are going to
And maybe I’ll find my way through the steps
Someone might behind
I used to be good with numbers