Love Was All We Had

I remember when we were young
Walking down through the forbidden streets of life
Nothing in our pocket
Nothing to give or nothing to lose

But we walked through those neighborhood’s fields
Like kings watching the next land to be taken
Spreading through the winds
The voices and faces of the new kingdom

Love was all he had
Love was the dream we dreamed for us
Love… love would take us to a safe future

I have made my promise to you
You have promised to care about me to
And as long as we lived
Love would run through our veins

Love from me, love from you
Love to me, love to you
Love for peace, live for love
Love for life, love for all

Ehhhhhh, ehhh ehhhhh
Ohhh, ohhhhhh ohhhhh
Ehhh ohhh

But today I don’t remember at all
How we failed a dream that seems so close
I know the world has changed
And life has gone in a different way

Is it me or do you feel the same
Have we lost our faith on simple things
And all we have now
It’s a life full of things we don’t really need

Ehhhhhh, ehhh ehhhhh
Ohhh, ohhhhhh ohhhhh
Ehhh ohhh

Love from me
Love to you
Love for peace
Love for life

Love from you
Love to me
Live for love
Love forever all