Nothing Like A Sunny Day

All alone and feeling sorry for yourself
You seek the truth but you keep finding something else
It’s disturbing

Any problems that you might be going through
They look smaller from a higher point of view
I think it’s time to remind you

There’s nothing like a sunny day
To get you smiling
Nothing like a sunny day
To ease your mind and chase those clouds away
All I want to say
There’s nothing like a sunny, nothing like a sunny day

All religion every nationality
So much in common but we tend to disagree
It’s so disturbing
Young or old rich or poor or black and white
We all feel better when the sun is shining bright
It might remind us who designed us…

The glass half empty still more than fills the cup
And If you’re in the dark you might just need to open up the curtain for certain


There’s nothing like a sunny day x (4)

by Mac McAnally