Can You Hear Me

There’s a love treasured up, somewhere somehow
There’s a world that can be find, behind that door
There’s a new sun shining up, in the morning of first day

There’s a story that can be told, in a different way
We can make it came true, if we do believe
We can stop the time, and start with a new beginning

‘Cause I believe we have a chance, and I thing we shout try
If you want to be my girl, I will make you mine
Nothing can stop you, nothing can make me fell higher

‘Cause I belong, I belong to night and day
Maybe I leave, maybe I leave, without you baby
‘Cause it’s a long, it’s a long a long long way
And today, it’s a little bit cold

Every wind, ever blown around
Every flier, ever flew this land
Every ship, sailing to my love
Every sound coming into the night

Can you hear me?
This is my last call
Can you take it, to the one I want?
Can you please, tell her what I feel?
Can you do it, can you do it, can you do it?

Love is all I want
Love is all I need
Oh my baby, oh my life
Love is all I want


by Ilo Ferreira